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    The Fifth Session of the 12th Hunan Provincial People's Congress
    The Fourth Session of the 11th CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee



    1.Sustaining a steady and sound development of economy

    • To give a boost to the construction of Chang-Zhu-Tan National Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Area
    • To carry out key technology coordination projects in high-end equipment and concerned sectors
    • To carry forward the Five-Year Plan on building Hunan a powerful province in manufacturing
    • To speed up fostering new growth areas
    • To step up efforts to develop producer services
    • To improve modern logistics infrastructure
    • To promote E-business of rural commerce and trade comprehensive services within the province
    • To maintain a stable grain production of about 30 billion kg
    • To accelerate orderly land-use right transfer according to law

    2.Comprehensively deepening reforms and opening up

    • To step up efforts to supply-side structural reform
    • To address overcapacity
    • To push forward reform of the household registration and residence permit system
    • To fulfill government vehicle-use reform in Party and government organizations, and shift to public institutions
    • To support local financial enterprises
    • To carry forward confirmation, registration and issuance of certificates on the right to the contracted management of rural land
    • To push forward reform of “Three Subsidies” in agriculture
    • To carry forward Three-Year Action Plan for the “Road and Belt” Initiative
    • To develop China (Changsha) Cross-border E-commerce Pilot Zone

    3.Expanding effective investment

    • To complete fixed assets investment of about 3 trillion yuan
    • To construct expressway of over 300 km and trunk highways of 1000 km
    • To launch construction of main grid projects including seven 500 KV UHV (ultra high voltage) transmission lines
    • To start construction of Sinopec Xinjiang Coal-based SNG Transmission Pipeline Hunan section
    • To expand broadband internet coverage in rural areas
    • To speed up Chang-Zhu-Tan rail transit development

    4.Expanding coordinated development among different regions and the urban and rural areas

    • To propel Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan integrated development
    • To construct high-level Xiangjiang New Area
    • To boost integration of Dongting Lake areas into the Yangtze River Economic Belt
    • To establish “Hunan-Guangdong Opening Up and Cooperation Pilot Zone”
    • To step up efforts to the Three-Year Plan for shantytown reconstruction
    • To focus on construction of national new urbanization pilots
    • To increase the proportion of transfer payments from province to cities and prefecture for general purpose
    • To thoroughly expand administrative power in pilot counties and towns

    5.Accelerating environmentally friendly development

    • To start construction of Chang-Zhu-Tan Two-oriented Society Pilot Area phase Ⅲ
    • To establish and improve ecological conservation redline system
    • To launch second Three-Year Action Plan for the provincial government’s No.1 Key Project
    • To intensify energy performance contracting
    • To regulate assessments upon completion to the projects with high energy consumption
    • To step up circular and low-carbon development

    6.Striving to relieve poverty

    • To carry out five projects to increase income, relocate the poor, enhance quality, help those in need of subsistence assistance and develop infrastructure
    • To make water, electricity, road, gas, house and environment treatment reach rural households
    • To put in place a social security system that includes medical service, education, old-age pension, minimum living allowances, five guarantees and village-level collective economy
    • To develop special aid program, industry aid program and social poverty reduction

    7.Promoting people’s livelihood and social construction

    • To increase special grant in entrepreneurship and employment
    • To establish pilot areas for rural migrant workers returning 鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 to start a business
    • To increase medical insurance for urban and rural residents to 420 yuan per person
    • To increase old-age pensions for enterprise, government department and public institution retirees upon policies
    • To increase subsidy for basic public health services to 45 yuan per person
    • To increase compensation to the patents whose only child become disabled by 320 yuan per month, and to those who lose their only child by 390 yuan per month

    The Aspiring “12th Five-Year Plan” Period (2011-2015)

    Highlights of Hunan’s Development 2015

    Annual GDP of Hunan Province increased by

    Fixed assets investment went up by

    Total retail sales of consumer goods rose by

    General public budget revenue maintained rapid growth, up by

    Per capita disposable income of urban residents saw a rise, up by

    Growth rate of per capita disposable income of rural residents reached

    Expenditure on people’s livelihood accounted for of general public budget revenue

    Poor population reduced by

    jobs created in urban areas

    agricultural workers with surplus labor found employment in urban areas

    Achievements of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period
    Economic development increased continuously
    Industrial structure was continuously optimized
    Infrastructure was continually strengthened
    People’s livelihood was constantly reinforced

    The Ambitious “13th Five-Year Plan” Period (2016-2020)

    Development Goals      
    Priorities of Hunan’s 13th Five-Year Plan         
    Innovative Development

    To promote industrialization, IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization and greenization
    To deepen structural reform
    To implement innovation-driven development
    To actively interface with “Internet Plus” action plan

    Green Development

    To accelerate the ecological conservation and restoration in areas around Dongting Lake, Xuefeng Mountain, Nanling Mountain, Mufu Mountain, Xingjiang River, Zijiang River, Yuanjiang River and Li River
    To build “Two-oriented” Society in an all round way
    To advance low-carbon and circular development

    Open Development

    To build Hunan into a lead in inland area and a transportation hub along Yangtze River Economic Belt while supporting national “Belt and Road” initiative
    To thoroughly implement “go global” strategy

    Coordinated Development

    To accelerate the formation of a new development pattern focusing on “developing CZT City Cluster into a leading core along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, creating three growth poles in cities of Yueyang, Chenzhou and Huaihua, building four belts (Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway Economic Belt, Dongting Lake Economic Belt, Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway Economic Belt and Zhangjiajie-Jishou-Huaihua Eco-tourism Economic Belt) and cultivating new growth points”
    To promote people-oriented urbanization
    To build a powerful province in culture
    To support national defense construction and military reform

    Shared Development

    To strengthen basic public service in such fields as compulsory education, employment, social security, basic medical care, public health, public culture and environmental protection
    To promote employment and entrepreneurship
    To propel healthy growth of Hunan
    To build a safe Hunan
    To implement targeted poverty alleviation


    Result: completed 106% of the goal with 5298 km built

    Target: to construct 5,000-kilometer-long rural roads

    Result: finished 103.3% of the goal with 15.5 kms of roads equipped with such facilities

    Target: to build safety facilities for 15-thousand-kilometer-long ordinary roads

    Result: fulfilled 198.8% of the goal with 7.156 million people benefited

    Target: to ensure availability of safe drinking water for 3.6 million rural residents

    Result: accomplished 110.4% of the goal with 773,100 posts created

    Target: to create 700,000 urban jobs

    Result: completed 213.3% and 108% of the goal respectively, with 213.3 dangerous rural houses and 32.4 thousand run-down houses for farmers renovated

    Target: to renovate 100 thousand dangerous houses in rural areas and 30 thousand dilapidated houses for farmers

    Result: achieved 125.6% of the goal with 209.9 thousand newly added

    Target: to increase 160 thousand public rental houses

    Result: finished 126.2% of the goal with 277.7 thousand reconstructed

    Target: to renovate 220 thousand urban shantytowns

    Result: fulfilled 139% of the goal with 13.9 thousand renovated

    Target: to rebuild 10 thousand state-owned industrial and mining shantytowns

    Result: completed 145.7% of the goal with 466.1 thousand households benefited

    Target: to supply pipeline gas to 320 thousand more households

    Result: accomplished 92.3% disposal rate, 2.3 percentage higher than planned

    Target: the disposal rate in urban wastewater to reach over 90%

    Result: achieved disposal rate of 99.2%, 4.2 percentage higher than planned

    Target: the harmless disposal rate of household garbage to reach above 95%

    Result: finished 106.6% of the goal with 5330 children aided

    Target: to make rescue-style recovery available to 5,000 disabled children between 0 to 7 years old

    Result: fulfilled 101% of the goal with 11.1 thousand patients benefited

    Target: to treat and cure 11 thousand poverty-stricken patients suffering from severe mental illnesses

    Result: completed 105.7% of the goal with 31.7 thousand cameras newly added

    Target: to install 30 thousand more video surveillance cameras for public security

    Result: achieved 112% of the goal with 22.4 beds newly added

    Target: to increase 20 thousand beds used in pension service

    Result: finished 100% of the goal

    Target: to establish 500 qualified schools extending compulsory education

    Result: totally accomplished the goal

    Target: to build 200 public kindergartensin rural areas

    Result: completely achieved the goal

    Target: water qualities of public water supply factories in urban areas above county level to fully reach the Standards for Drinking Water Quality (GB5749-2006)

    Result: successfully completed the goal

    Target: to transform and expand 20 mental health service organizations

    Result: perfectly reached the goal

    Target: to construct 50 community-based correctional centers

    Result: totally accomplished the goal

    Target: to transform 300 free markets of agricultural products according to standards

    Result: completely achieved the goal

    Target: to make broadcast work in every administrative village of 40 counties

    Result: successfully finished the goal

    Target: to upgrade power distribution network in 600 administrative villages

    Result: perfectly achieved the goal

    Target: to promote comprehensive environment improvement in 1,200 administrative villages

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