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    15 July 2015

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    Loudi City


    Total area: 8,117 km2
    Population: 4.5517 million (2018)
    Major industrial products: Agriculture and derivatives, nonferrous metal smelting
    Major agricultural products: Rice, vegetable, oil plants, pork
    Major mines: Coal, antimony, dolomite, marble
    Total length of railways: 361 km
    Total length of roads: 15112.8 km (2018)
    GDP: 154.041 billion CNY (2018)
    Sum of exports: 4.113 billion CNY (2018)
    Sum of imports: 6.194 billion CNY (2018)
    Inbound tourists: 36,000 (2018)
    Per capita disposable income: 18,544 yuan (2018)
    Forest coverage: 50.25% (2018)

    Data Source: tjj.hunan.


    Loudi City is located in the central part of Hunan Province, having a population of 4.5361 million. It has 48 kinds of mineral resources, the reserves of all of which have been verified for production.


    Its antimony reserve ranks first in the world, and the reserves of coal ,dolomite, limestone and marble rank first in the province. 


    A sizable raw materials processing industry has been built. The local Lianyuan Iron and Steel 鸿运国际网址官网下载安装 is a backbone enterprise in Hunan.


    The National Forest Park at Mount Daxiong (Big Bear) is the largest primitive secondary forest in southern China. The 5,400-m-long Boyue (wave and moon) Cave with a forest of stalagmites is rated a world wonder. The Meijiang scenic area, with steep peaks and mysterious caves, is another attraction.


    The Hunan-Guizhou and Luoyang-Zhanjiang railways interconnect at the city. National highways Nos.320 and 207 run through the city area, and an expressway passes through it from east to west. Infrastructure facilities including telecommunications, energy supply and urban construction are being perfected. The city is expected to be a major transport hub and commercial product collection and distribution center in southern China in the not-too-distant future.


    Chinese source: hunan.