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    15 July 2015

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    Secretary Du Talks with State Council Steering Group on Epidemic Prevention and Control

    2020-02-09 Download Print

    On the evening of February 8, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary Du Jiahao talked with the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) prevention and control steering group of the State Council. They analyzed the present situation of Hunan’s epidemic prevention and control, and exchanges views on following work.

    Provincial leaders Zhang Jianfei and Wu Guiying attended.

    Secretary Du said that, under the unified command, coordination and dispatch of the CPC Central Committee, all governments and departments at all level across Hunan have been fully mobilized to combat the epidemic since its breakout, carried out resolute measures to prevent imported cases and curb epidemic spread within Hunan, taken multiple measures to ensure medical supplies, and spared no pains to rescue confirmed patients. All the epidemic prevention and control tasks have been conducted in an orderly and effective way.

    He noted that the epidemic prevention and control has entered into a new phase as the Spring Festival holiday ends and enterprises resume to production. We should always follow the commands, adjust the prevention and control thinking timely, stick to the principles of “gathering the patients for treatment, experts, and resources”, keep an eye on and key places, and strengthen classification guidance for susceptible groups. We should actively explore new mass prevention and treatment mechanisms such as expanded virus nucleic acid detection, accelerate detection, isolation and treatment, so as to keep the initiative of preventing and control the epidemic.

    We should do our best to prevent and control the epidemic, while coordinating reform, development, and stability.

    He hoped that the steering group will continue to provide guidance and help Hunan to fulfill all tasks and win the battle against NCP.

    The steering group spoke highly of Hunan’s achievements at current stage in epidemic prevention and control, and thanked Hunan for its contribution to the whole country. Hunan should abide by the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, further fulfill its responsibilities, optimize epidemic prevention and control measures, and accumulate institutional experience, so as to make scientific, accurate, and effective prevention, control, and treatments. The steering group will fight together with Hunan to do better in epidemic prevention and control, and make greater contributions to the national combat against the virus. 

    This article is from Hunan Provincial Government www.enghunan.. 

    Translator: Wu Lirong

    Chinese source: hunan.voc.com.cn