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    15 July 2015

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    Hunan Public Security Department Offers Vehicle Entry Information Online Registration

    2020-02-10 Download Print

    On February 9, the Public Security Department of Hunan Province launched the “Online Registration of Vehicle Entry Information to Hunan” service through the “Hunan Public Security Service Platform” WeChat public account.

    It was learned that Hunan Province now has carried out vehicle and personnel inspection and quarantine work at the joint quarantine and inspection stations around the border areas of Hunan and Hubei. All vehicles and personnel to Hunan via Hubei must have relevant information registered. After the opening of the “Online Registration of Vehicle Information for Entering Hunan” service, relevant personnel can have vehicle and occupant information registered in advance, to reduce waiting time.

    In addition, in response to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, “Hunan Public Security Service Platform” has also added a number of online services such as “novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosed patients with the same itinerary query”, “provincial fever clinic map”, and “entry and exit information query during epidemic prevention and control period”.

    This article is from Hunan Provincial Government www.enghunan.. 

    Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

    Chinese source: hn.people.com.cn