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    15 July 2015

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    More Hunan Enterprises Resume Production

    2020-02-10 Download Print

    Hunan speeds up resumption of work recently. According to the Hunan Department of Industry and Information Technology, as of February 8, 2,374 industrial companies have resumed operation, 506 more than the previous day. A total of 202,800 people came to their positions, 34,900 more than the previous day.

    A number of large enterprises resumed operation. As of February 8, 346 enterprises with more than 100 workers, including 21 with more than 1,000 workers, had resumed work. Lens Technology Co., Ltd. resumed production at its Liuyang, Langli, and Xingsha factories with a staff of nearly 11,000 returning to work. Zoomlion resumed work on February 5, with the staff returning to work reached 9,000. The companies with more than 300 resumed workers included Deyang Shoe Co., Ltd., Aoshikang Technology Co., Ltd., NYDK, Sunward Group, Beiqi Foton, Hengyang Fu Tai Hong Precision Industry, BYD Electronic, and BYD Auto.

    Market supply is guaranteed. A total of 1,281 enterprises (76 more than the previous day) of the four categories of urgent needs, including suppliers of water, electricity, oil, and gas; producers of protective materials, daily necessities; and, other enterprises related to national economy and people’s livelihood, resumed work.

    Production of epidemic preventing and protective materials have increased. On February 8, 18 key producers of masks and protective products produced 806,600 masks, 2,000 disposable protective clothes, and 3,400 infrared thermometers; and, 17 key producers of disinfection products produced 208.379 tons of 84 Disinfectant, 36.738 tons of 75% ethyl alcohol, and 9.12 tons of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. At present, almost all masks, protective clothes, infrared thermometers are offered to frontline personnel for medical treatment and epidemic prevention and control. Disinfectants, ethyl alcohol, hand sanitizers, and other disinfection products are dispatched to drugstores.

    This article is from Hunan Provincial Government www.enghunan.. 

    Translator: Pang Yuehui 

    Chinese source: hunan.