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    15 July 2015


    Secretary Du Chairs Symposium on New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Screening, Test

    2020-02-07 Download Print

    Du Jiahao, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee secretary, presided over a symposium on February 6, 2020, to listen to the opinions and suggestions of experts and scholars in various fields on how to more accurately, quickly, and conveniently screen and detect new coronavirus nucleic acids. He emphasized that the test in diagnosis should be moved up, based on epidemic prevention and control new situation and according to the principles of “government encouragement, professional support, enterprise participation, and voluntary participation of the public”. The detection and diagnosis capacity should be further improved; the test time shortened; and the screening scope expanded. He asked to form a new mass prevention and treatment mechanism; achieve early detection and treatment, and less infection and panic; and firmly grasp the initiative of the provincial epidemic prevention and control work. Xu Dazhe, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee deputy secretary and Hunan governor, participated.

    Provincial leaders Zhang Jianfei and Wu Guiying also attended.

    Persons in charge of the Hunan Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Central South University Hospital Management Office, Hunan Provincial Health Commission, Hunan Provincial Medical Products Administration, and new coronavirus nucleic acid detection reagents and equipment manufacturers, and experts and scholars from third-party medical inspection institutions joined the meeting. They put forward specific opinions and suggestions on how to more accurately, quickly, and conveniently screen and detect new coronavirus nucleic acids. They believed Hunan now has the technology and equipment to detect new coronavirus nucleic acids in a short period of time. To ensure rapid, mobile, and accurate screening under the premise of ensuring biological safety, it will cut off the source of infection to the greatest extent and effectively prevent the risk of mass infection.

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    Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

    Chinese source: hunan.